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      Mark L

      Hi, just scored and registered the above however I have not been able to update to 5.6

      I have: 

      2Mb Sandisk CF formatted to FAT on PC (also tried FAT16) 

      PCMCIA to CF adapter

      Down loaded file on Mac 10.8.5 and retried on PC 

      Screen says 'Awaiting contact"

      Tried all the above several times to no avail.

      Thanks for  any help,


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      Eventide Staff

      My guess is that your adaptor is the problem. In the unlikely event that you can find another one, give it a try. Otherwise, send both the card and the adaptor to Eventide, marked for my attention and I'll look at it. Be sure to include a return address !

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      Mark L

      Thanks heaps Nick,

      The H8000A has never been updated (running on 4.011)

      I will post to you C/-

      Eventide Inc.
      1 Alsan Way
      Little Ferry NJ  07643
      United States of America

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      Mark L

      Card arrived back today and it  updated successfully,

      Thanks Nick for your help and great service,


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