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      I was re-arranging my studio cables (gear stayed put) and run some tests afterwards.

      The H8000fw when switched to routing option „10 Analog A->B“ shows the meter for all 4 analog inputs with max level as well as for all 8 analog outputs.

      I thought that something was wrong with patchbay and unplugged all connectors on the unit directly but the levels stayed the same with nothing connected.

      When I switch the routing to „12 Adat A->B“ the unit works fine (this is the main operation mode for me),

      As soon as I select a routing option which includes the analog in/outs again max. level showing on the meter.

      I switched the unit of multiple times but no change.

      I also removed the top cover but nothing out of the ordinary here as well all ribbon cables are well seated.

      Any ideas what could be the reason for this behavior?

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      Eventide Staff

      There are a variety of input gain parameters on the H8000. Have you look at the Levels menu and made sure everything is at 0?

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      @tbskoglund, yep I checked the gain and all „0“ when I reduce the gain the meter level goes down as well.

      it is odd that it shows 8 analog outputs on the meter since the unit has only XLR connectors for four analog outs to my understanding?!

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      Quick question what does U500 do on the main PCB?

      When I ran a couple of additional tests using the routing utility software I discovered that also the 4 AES/EBU channels encounter the same problem.

      When using an audio generator patch I could hear it in the background through all the noise on the outputs.

      it sounded similar if you use a digital protocol without proper Sync (even in this case we used analog outs with stable/locked in wordclock).

      I took another look at the main board since „both“ analog/digital boards in this area are failing it had to be something they share.

      The only single socketed IC in this area of the board was U500 so I took it out and re-seated it and guess what – All is well again no issues with the 4 ins/outs analog/digital no nasty noise just pure enjoyment:)

      As the distorted signal reminded me of sync issues I wonder if U500 is (partly) responsible to generate the Clock/Sync for this part of the H8000FW?


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