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      I have my h8000fw connected via fw as an aggregate device alongside an apogee ensemble with logic 9. i am able to get everything working just fine, i can route audio as expected, everything works well signal wise.  however, as soon as i go to 96k sample rate i start getting intermittent fuzzy clicks.  i can make this stop by rebooting logic or changing the audio device from the aggregate device to the ensemble and then back again.  but obviously this is not a workaround that is going to work.  my question is why am i getting these fuzzy clicks at 96k?  do i need to connect word clock bnc cables between the ensemble and the h8000fw?  i've searched all over for an answer and i'm really hoping someone here can help.


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      I'm not familiar with the Apogee stuff, but in my experience running a big Roland VM-7200 rig with my PARIS system and H8000FW, having consistent word clock to everything solved all my clicking and popping problems!  If you're connecting two things digitally, then you should make one device the word clock master and slave the other device to it.  If you have multiple devices that talk to each other digitally, you should get a word clock generator and slave everything to that.  I use a Lucid GENx6 myself…

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      Eventide Staff

      It is not clear to me what your sync master is. If this is not set up right, you will get clicks.

      You need to decide what your sync master will be, and then make sure that everything else is locked to it. Word clock would be helpful.

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      Thanks for the replies.  I currently have the Eventide set up as the clock master in the aggregate device setup within mac osx audio/midi.  With that in mind, would word clock cables still be effective?

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      If I understand correctly, then yes, I believe you should connect a word clock cable from the output on the Harmonizer to the input on the Apogee.  It's hard to know for sure without seeing a picture or a diagram of how everything is connected though.  You'll have to set up each device so it is configured properly to send or receive word clock.  For the H8000, check around page 80 in the user manual…

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