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      Greetings!  I am
      trying to sort through some connection problems with my H8000FW.  Here’s the gear—

      1.  Windows Vista
      PC 2.  RME Fireface 800 (Audio
      Interface)  3.  H8000FW as effects  4. 
      Sonar 8.0 


      Primary goal is to be able to route guitar and vocals into
      RME; then into H8000 for effects processing; Return the processed signal to the
      RME; then be able to record through SONAR.


      I’ve got the H8000 connected to the PC via FW, and connected
      Coax Wordclock cable between the H8000 and RME (as Master via internal clock at


      I’ve updated the H8000 firmware to the latest as well as
      installed the Vista Drivers.


      My problem appears to be that I am not getting the processed
      signal back into the RME and through my monitors.


      Looking for some guidance/recommendations.  Also curious if I should remain using only FW
      input-output between RME and H8000 or should I switch to analog between the


      I've also seen on other posts that there may be issues running two different FW apps/drivers simultaneously (H8000 and RME?)–could this be the culprit?


      I’ve read the manuals and can’t seem to solve this at
      present.  Any help would be greatly



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      yes…it may well be limitation owed to your recording software. As far as I know Pro Tools and Logic are the ones that allow drivers aggregation, allowing different FireWire units/drivers to work together.

      You may choose to work via analog or ADAT I/O. This last format will provide 8 channels I/Os.

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      I have two RME Fireface 800 units. The way you describe it, I think there are two possible explanations: a.) either you haven't chosen the proper routing configuration so that you can get properly audio from the H8000FW to the Fireface or b.) the H8000FW works ok and you haven't routed the signal from the Fireface to your monitors. To do this just use the Matrix Mixer and then check for meter activity (LEDs).

      Hope this helps,



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      Thank you very much for the assistance!

      I currently have the Firewire cable connected from the Fireface to the H8000 and then the PC.  All appears to work under the following conditions:

      1.  The Eventide is configured with the Factory Preset Analogue A>B and I connect my Guitar and Mic straight into the Eventide.  I then send the Analog outputs from the Eventide direct into the Fireface.

      I tried setting the Eventide's routing to the Firewire A>B and plugged the Guitar and Mic straight into the Fireface but was not able to get any processed sound back to the Fireface.

      I am with the feeling that I am missing something else (probably routing) but am about brain-fried with deciphering the Eventide Manual on Firewire routing.  I will re-attack the manual later this evening…any thoughts?  Thanks again!

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      first advice is *don't* connect a mic to the H8000FW inputs. Mics require a preamp to raise their signal to line level (+4dB). The Eventide inputs are not suited for such task. They need to see a preamped signal for a microphone.


      there are 2 different aspects:

      1 how the signal is routed TO the H8000FW inputs and FROM the H8000FW outputs

      2 how the 2 DSPs are routed

      The unit has a set of internal routings stored in it; you can access them by pressing and holding the PROGRAM key for a couple of seconds.

      Again, I'm afraidSonar doesn't allow more than a single Firewire driver/device to be used. This may well be the reason why you get no signal from the system, using everything on FireWire.

      all the best


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