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      i am having trouble connecting my Eventide H8000FW to my Symphony set up (Rosetta 800 and macbook pro).

      I was able to create the sends and return in logic and all seems to be working fine with the aggregate device, but unfortunately i still get click and pops here and there.

      My question is: do i need to also connect Word Clock in order for the two units to be synced? is firewire enough?

      I tried connecting a bnc cable from the Rosetta to the Eventide(terminating it at the eventide with the supplied adapter) but the eventide seems to freeze and needs to be restarted when in this configuration.

      Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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      Eventide Staff

       If you have multiple units (e.g. H8000FW, Rosetta) they will need to by synced (FireWire is not usually good enough as a sync source).

      You have to decide which unit is the sync master and sync the others to it. Wordclock is good. You will probably also have to configure the computer.

      There is more info in the latest H8000FW User Manual.

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