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      Hello and thanks for all your attention.

      I want to buy the h8000fw processor and iam asking for help because i want to use it also as a souncard with a Mac probook and pro tools. I need to know if this will be possible?…if pro tools will recognize the effect processor as a sound card to record instruments and voices….I would like not to use anymore devices to put sounds into the software….

      Now iam using a poor combination of m-audio with Mpowered pro tools and this software only works with M-audio devices.

      anyhelp will be so nice…


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      Hi fuaelo

      the H8000FW is recognized as a sound card in ProTools, once our deriver is installed and ProTools configured. Obviously you won't have more than 4 analog inputs, whereas a dedicated audio interface can easily have 8. All depends on your needs

      all the best


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      The idea is to use an analog console to connect synths and instruments and then send them to the H8000fw connected via firewire to the Mac with Pro tools, but then where should i connect the monitors to get the sound out from the sequencer?…

      Also using it as a soundcard iam loosing other options of the H8000fw?, i mean to do it at the same time, use it as a soundcard and effect proccesor at the same time.

      many thanks

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      I would probably prefer a MacPro rather than a laptop…..

      Anyway, monitors connection is something you'll have to figure out in ProTools and setup the correct routing in the H8000FW, dedicating 2 analog outputs to that.

      The H8000 has 8 inputs & outputs to DSPs. Depending on your configuration/PTools setup/H8000FW routing you may have less than that. The best way to get the most out of the H8000FW as a dedicated FX processor would be the use of a dedicated audio interface, possibly on a PCI bus of a desktop machine, and use the H8000FW on the FX busses.

      On a laptop, frankly, things may get much more limited.

      all the best


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      Sonic Nomad

      Sorry, but this is not true.

      Pro Tools, both the LE and HD only recognize their own interfaces and drivers.

      The only way to get signal from the H8000FW into Pro Tools is via the ADAT or AES digital connections.

      So you would need to get one of the bigger Pro Tools Le interfaces. Preferably the 003 or 003 Rack so that you can use the ADAT I/O and sync via the wordclock connectors.

      Another option is a M-Audio interface and the Pro Tools M-Powered versions.

      You need to also consider that when using the above configurations that you arre limited to 48K sampling rates and won't be able to go up to 96k.

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