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      Hi guys,

      a problem just occured during startup, when i go to the Setup info it says "Problem in internal RAM bad checksum". As I remember the manual, this is really bad :(. I´ll have a look there, but any advice what I can do?

      Actually everything works fine, but I´m not gonna use it.


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      Eventide Staff

      Not usually the end of the world. Under setup/service there is an option to reset the checksum (see UM for details). If it happens repeatedly it is a sign that you need to replace the battery.

      Also, back up any user presets (always).

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      yes, thanks.

      I´ve already looked into the users manual parallel to this thread and I´ve solved the problem. I just had something in mind that a bad checksum is not really good and you may have to take the Eventide to a technican. Sio I hope it won´t occur again…

      thanks for your help.

      Oh, and yes, I´m backing my presets up on a card 🙂

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