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      Hi there,

      I've got an H8000fw (OS is quite old – a few years) connected via ADAT to a Sonic core XITE-1. No other connections besides 8 channels of ADAT I/O. The H8000fw is set up as FX sends from the XITE-1. Sample rate is 48000.

      I get clicking and pops every few seconds under all reasonable combinations:

      XITE-1 Master, H8000fw clocked to ADAT:
        – The H8000fw clock page sometimes says ADAT is slipping but then it locks in at 48000.
        – Sometimes the clocks says it's at 47999 or something like that. 

      XITE-1 Slave to H88000fw's ADAT, H8000fw set to internal clock 48000:
        – Still get clicks and pops.

      Sometimes, I don't get clicks and pops for a while, and sometimes they are there in abundance.

      Today I hooked up a Meric Halo ULN-8 attached via AES/EBU to the XITE-1, and slaved to it no problem. No clicks and pops here.

      I also have a Symbolic Sound Pacarana which is slaved to the XITE-1 and it is okay too.

      So I'm just getting the clicks/pops with the H8000fw right now.

      As an aside: When the H8000fw boots I get a startup error that an sram checksum has an issue.

      What should I try?


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      Hi Paul

      first off…you should always have your unit on the latest OS because:

      -it's the only one with support

      -it always improves hardware a& software

      for the checksum errors, please refer to the "Internal RAM checksum errors" technote available here:


      all the best


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