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      i've got a h8000fw with the 5.6beta firmware running on osx 10.7.3. i have an imac with only a single firewire port so the h8000fw is plugged into the firewire input of my apogee ensemble (and that connects directly to my imac). i'm using word clock from the apogee to clock the h8000fw. i've setup an aggregate device in audio/midi settings so i can access both units from ableton live. once i start a new session up everything runs fine for about 15 minutes; i can send audio out through the h8000fw and back in via firewire and life is good. after 15 minutes or so this suddenly stops; the h8000fw is still running and responsive but audio no longer seems to be going into it (at least, the meters on the front stop showing any) and there's no audio coming out. at this point i have to reboot everything (computer, ensemble, and h8000fw) and then things work (although again for a limited time before the crash). 

      has anyone seen this issue before? this is seriously annoying.

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