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      Have recently received the bus error message and CPU illegal instruction message while using my H8000FW as my audio interface.  However, the more troubling issue is that today while mixing in Logic Pro 8 with Omnisphere at NORMAL LEVELS, i heard a slight fizzle and my monitors low frequency drivers completely stopped functioning. I can now only hear HF response coming from my monitors.  This event was completely sporadic with seemingly no warning or likely cataIyst such as overloaded levels.  I suddenly have no LF response.  I  am on 10.6.8 MAC and updated to 5.5 OS.  I am setup in a parallel AB configuration.  I am using Virus C on analog 3-4 and using H8000FW to process on environment bus channels 5-6 & 7-8.  I recently purchased the unit on Ebay and have been instructed to report this to Eventide as we are in a Paypal claim.  My SN is _FW-00295.  Please respond.  Thx

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