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      hello to this forum, i just bought a used H8000FW, which seems so far working fine.

      i now installed the drivers on my win7 lap and the H8000FW was recognized via firewire cable, drivers succesfully installed.

      but the firewire connections seems not to be able to stay stable. the win signal says on/off, on/off, on/off  and the locking lamp stays blinking.

      does any of you know about this problem?

      thanks a lot!

      ps otherwise we are very happy with the H8000FW to say the least…

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      do any parameters have to be set, if i just want to link the h8000fw via firewire to my laptop (only for updateing the OS) ?


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      Eventide Staff

      Not sure what you mean by the win signal..

      Also, you don't say what you are trying to lock the unit to – we don't recommend that you use firewire as the sync source – there are usually better options.

      Also (sorry to be so negative) you can't upgrade the unit over firewire – you usually have to use a CF card. This is mainly for reasons of reliability – a failed upgrade can brick the unit.

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      sorry, german to english problem:

      with win signal i did not mean audio signal , but the win sound played when the firewire (or usb cable ) of a unit is disconnected from the computer.

      anyway, as i have to use a card, then i might do this.  otherwise, our h8000fw is connected analog and  AES to our interface and we will try external clocking next week.

      the only thing is: how could we use VSIG, if the unit is not recognized properly by the pc?

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