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      The webpage says “Featuring 1,800 post-production and music effects preset-algorithms”.

      When I turn it on, on the Program page on the top right corner is says Presets: 1463. Once you load another progam, it says Programs 1528. (is that a bug?) If I continue to load algos, the number stays the same. I’m on rev 5.61 and the presets are rev 5.6. Is that count for 1800 the number of presets *AND* all the separate algorithms? Am I misunderstanding the number? Is this because some presets have presets inside presets and that’s part of that count? And why does the total in in the top right corner change after loading a new preset after power on?



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      On the H8000, presets and algorithms are the same thing. We call them programs to (hopefully) reduce confusion.

      In this, it differs from (say) the Eclipse, where you have a smaller number of algorithms, and a larger number of presets based on them.

      On my unit, when I power it up it says "Presets: 1493". I don't see "Programs xxxx". Nor does it change when loading a program.

      If you are concerned, please give step by step instructions – what you do, what you see, etc.

      I suspect that the number 1800 is marketing hype, which adds 48k presets with 96k only presets. But, I would argue that 1493 is plenty.



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      Doh! My apologies. I didn’t mean to type Programs 1528; I meant Presets 1528. Sorry for the confusion.

      I tried it again, and now it’s at 1528 when I powered it on. Interesting. I’ll keep an eye on it.

      I was just trying to see if I was missing something or not. If yours is at 1493 on 5.61 I’m assuming than it’s interesting that ther is a difference but makes the 1800 number sound like something from marketting.



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