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      Hello, my H8000FW Ultra-Harmonizer stopped working and when booting just stops at “Initializing” section. I´ve tried to reflash the firmware to new version (5.6) and loading the full factory settings, but it didn´t help. It started to freeze at booting sometimes, but then after switching power off/on, it started flawlessly. I´ve found exploded SMD capacitor inside and changed it, but it also didn´t help.

      Photo of exploded capacitor in attachment. 

      Any help, please ?

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      Eventide Staff

      Clearly you have a hardware problem. This capacitor could fail for one of the following reasons:

      1) Random failure

      2) Installed backwards

      3) Over-voltage.

      Either way, it is connected across the main power supply and may have caused damage. Not possible to say from a distance. You could check for the following voltages:

      1) about 20V (rough) across the replaced cap.

      2) 5V at TP1507

      3) 8V across C1520

      4) 15V across C1514

      If these are not all there there is a big problem. Either way, it may need to come in for sevice.


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      Sorry for late reply, but I didn’t have time to look at it. I have now measured the voltages:


      1) 16,6V across replaced cap

      2) didn’t find TP1507

      3) didn’t find C1520

      4) 11,8V across C1514


      Could you please tell me how can I find, or please send some photo where can I see the TP1507 and C1520 ?

      Thanks for reply smiley


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      Eventide Staff

      TP1507 is under the FireWire board, just beside the mounting hole above U601, or baout an inch above the CPU.

      C1520 is partially covered by the left hand audio board ribbon. You'll not get to its pins without removing the motherboard, but you could try the right-hand pin of the inductior (L1501( close to that ribbon.

      The voltage across the replaced cap is no good – it needs to be at least 18-20V. This is why the voltage across C1514 is too low (it needs to be solid 15V). Given this, the other voltages don't matter.

      I think you'll have to send it in. Sorry.



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