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      Any news on the Leopard drivers (Mac OS X 10.5)?

      Larry Bartram

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      Eventide Staff

       Just finishing up. Probably 1-2 weeks.

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      Thanks for the information, Nick.

      Also, consider this a request to stay on top of the next round of Apple's OS updates (e.g., the upcoming Snow Leopard). I ask so that the delay between the release of a new Macintosh OS and the release of functional Eventide drivers is minimized. This last one has been painful.

      I depend on my Eventide H8000FW and would like the ability to use all its features. Apple has already released four updates to Leopard, and they are working next major update; this isn't a secret. Registered developers are kept in the loop. Please devote the necessary resources to this project so that timely updates will be released, keeping our harmonizers in sync with our computers.



Viewing 2 reply threads
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