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      I have been having a lot of problems trying to control parameters on both my previous Harmonizer (DSP7000) and my current Harmonizer (H8000FW) by MIDI CC values.

      The Behaviour I get is that when I use any of my MIDI controllers (a Moog MP201 multi pedal, a modified Behringer FCB1010, an M-Audio Oxygen8 and straight CC values from Apple Mainstage) I get a very noticable lag and notching on the response seen in the unit. I have tried many tests and each time the MIDI signal is passed straight from the MIDI device into the H8000 and through to a computer that reads out the change in CC value. What I see is that the computer (after the harmonizer in the MIID chain) changes values instantly, but the harmonizer has delays and the delays are very noticable in the audio. I typically use the CC to control Wet/Dry mix of reverb/shifters.

      I have tried to get to the bottom of this via support, but since the test the support team had for it (a single factor pedal sending MIDI CCs from a rotary knob into the H8000) worked OK I couldnt take it further. I am guessing that it is a question of the amount / frequency of MIDI updates.

      I had the same problem with previous versions of the TimeFactor firmware (the notching and delay in response to the aforementioned devices) which was fixed in subsequent software updates, so I still think it is a software issue in how the MIDI CC's are handled.

      Does anyone else out there use MIDI controllers to control their H8000? Does anyone use the same controllers as me? and finally can anyone suggest a setup that works for them?


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      I don't use the same controllers as you, but I do experience similar sluggishness in my algorithms when sending continuous streams.  I don't know if the problem is algorithm construction or inherit to the box though.  Lag isn't an issue when I use single messages for example to select an input on an iswitch.

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      Anyone else have these issues or recommendations of controllers to use?

      It seems strange that a £300 stompbox is more responsive than a £5000 harmonizer,

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