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      I am tring to find a way to modulate parameters in the H8000 internally (IE via LFO).   The manual goes into great detail about mudulating parameters from external sources.  But, I can't find anything on internal mod sources/ targets. 

      I have many EFX devices and most have this (even my Eventide Modfactor will modulate it's mods) .  I have to believe I'm missing something obvious.  Surely this is easy, right?

      Say I want to modulate the rate of a chorus so it moves slightly instead of being static.   How is this done w/o external sources?

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      Eventide Staff

      The H8000 does not have a separate modulator, although many presets include modulation.

      If you want to add internal modulation to a preset, you will need Vsig or VsigX.

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