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      I have just changed the internal battery on my H8000FW and have noticed that the time and date in ‘Motherboard Info’ in ‘Information’ has gone strange. Also the same with the hours used. 

      Does anyone know if you can set the time/date or if it is possible to return the hours used to normal?

      Everything else is working fine.



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      Eventide Staff

      The time and date and power hours are not actually used for anything, which is why there is not a UI to set them.

      You could try running the RTC (real time clock) test. Hold down '1' at powerup,  release when asked. Turn wheel until  "(201) RTC test". Hit SELECT. When it shows P=1, hit SELECT to stop.

      This may or may not help, but these numbers don't matter.


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      Thank you Nick. 🙂

      The RTC test reset the date to 01/01/1970 and reset the hours total. 

      I know it doesn’t matter but at least the OCD in me is now satisfied! 

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