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      I've been lusting for a H8000fw processor for a while and right now there is a H8000 (the "A" I think…) on ebay at a great price.

      It has an adat interface and 4 aes and analog I/O. No firewire.

      Is there any difference in dsp power or converter quality compared to the most recent H8000fw? Will I be able to do firmware and presets update to keep it to the most current version?

      I want to use this box as an extreme 4 channel FX processor OR a high end 4 channel A/D/D/A Adat converter at 96khz for my outboard pres, depending on the situation.  I have absolutely no use for firewire in my setup.

      So, is there anything I should know before jumping on this one?


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      Eventide Staff

      An H8000FW is essentially an H8000A with FireWire, more AES, and improved software.

      Because of this, current H8000FW software will normally run on an H8000A (or H8000), but be aware that it is neither tested or supported on these now discontinued machines.

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      ok I see… so even if I successfully upload a software update in the 8000A I have no garantee it will be fully compatible.

      Anyway if the converters are as good as those in the H8000fw (I understood that they are VERY similar) I'm pretty shure that what's inside the h8000a will keep me busy for years to come!!

      Thanks for your time!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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