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      In the H8000FW, how to use WHOLE DSP via only Stereo Outputs?

      At 96k, "#5419 Pitchshift 8ch" is Monolithic, DSP A only, 8 IN 8 OUT.

      (I like this preset, it has feedback.)

      In the Output Routings page,

      Analog Out 1 & 2 can only receive a maximum of

      DSP A Out 1 & 2 + DSP A Out 3 & 4.

      It seems if I wish make "full use" of this preset,

      I must also connect Analog Out 3 & 4.

      But clearly the DSP is capable of performing all 8 pitchshifts at 96k for this preset.

      1. How do I get the whole result of what the DSP is doing, but only through Analog Out 1 & 2?

      2. Is this the wrong course of action,

      and I should instead seek similar results through another preset?

      3. Is it a matter of using "VSIG" to manually reconfigure the outputs to my liking?

      (I just got the unit, I don't know how to use VSIG)

      Please help. Thank you for reading.


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       Hi Calvin

      your intuition already provides the answer.

      If a preset uses more than 2 I/Os and you are running your Eventide on a stereo routing,  the extra I/Os (#3/4/5/6/7/8) won't be connected. This is because the algorithm is obviously designed for multichannel apps and includes those I/Os and secondly because the unit has routings that need to be applied to use specific presets.

      The trick would be:

      -open the multichannels preset in Vsigfile

      -add a stereo mixer at the end of the algorithm

      -connect the different effects to it

      -possibly create a menupage with levels (and panning is needed) for the new configurations

      -reconnect the FX inputs to only inputs 1 and 2 of the algorithm

      -reconnect the added stereo mxer to only outputs 1 & 2 of the algorithm 

      -erase all extra I/Os in the algorithm

      -store it on the computer

      -send it to the Eventide

      -store it inside the unit. 

      There may already be presets that do what you want on 2 I/Os.

      all the best

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      I JUST acquired proper USB/serial cable,

      and downloaded VsigX from a third party website.

      How bad is it if I simply connect all 8 outputs

      directly into 8 inputs on a newly added Stereo Mixer module

      that feeds the DSP's Outs 1 & 2?

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      That's exactly what has been described in the previous reply.


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      Thanks for your reply Italo.

      To elaborate: With only half day of experience with VSIG,

      I was wondering about "how bad to add a stereo mixer"

      more in terms of "Is It Damaging" signal quality by adding another layer of modules?

      Or is this more subjective and belonging in the realm of

      VSIG-Algorithm designer's preference?

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       As long as you stay in Vsig programming I'd not worry about signal quality at all.

      Once the algorithm is in the real world….cosmic rays can be a pain!

      A stereo mixer is fine. If you check factory presets in Vsig you'll find many with a couple of hundreds modules. Still they sound pretty awesome, don't they?


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      Hi Italo –

      I'm trying to use VsigX

      to send my newly adjusted Pitchshifter8ch

      back into my H8000FW, via USB to Serial cable.

      Sometimes my H8000FW

      will 'receive' and 'coding' very fast,

      but then tell me:

      ERROR:: 'SSEEEEOMXXRRsseeeemmixrr' is not an integer.

      Line 1

      Sometimes my H8000FW will receive the data properly,

      but even after receiving and coding,

      my newly adjusted preset

      fails to load automatically.

      I tried to send some already-made presets

      I found from Eventide website,

      and those DID load automatically in the H8000FW.

      Did I do something wrong within the depths of VSIG

      to create an unusable algorithm?

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       we don't support the Mac version, unfortunately. I don't know what you did in your algorithm if I can't look at it.


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      I thought I should share my latest findings:

      The above mentioned Monolithic Pitchshifter Preset

      was giving me problems.

      To simplify my situation,

      I attempted to use Preset 5437 Multishift_4 instead,

      which only uses 1 DSP.

      I was able to successfully download this preset

      from my H8000FW to my Mac.

      Using VsigX,

      I added a Stereo Mixer module

      at the end of the algorithm,

      so that all signals end up only at Stereo Outputs.

      I was able to send this algorithm

      back into my H8000FW,

      it compiled and loaded properly.

      I sent audio through my H8000FW,

      and the newly created preset does exactly what I wished:

      4 pitchshifts for this preset, using only 2 outputs.

      Unfortunately for me,

      anytime I send any data using VsigX

      from my Mac back into my H8000FW,

      I get problem messages at startup,

      which tell me it's Bad Checksum Error

      over at Setup / Service / Info.

      I guess until I acquire Virtual PC,

      I'm stuck without VSIG.

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      you have several choices for multivoice pitch shifting in stereo I/O:

      5424 10v ArpeggThick

      5430 4 IntervalShifts

      5432 Ether Harp (4 voice shifter + reverb)

      5438 MultiShift_8mod

      5439 Organizer

      5440 Polytonal Rhythm

      5450 CC Shifter 4 v

      Checksum Errors:

      please refer to our technotes here


      there is info about it.

      I wouldn't use Virtual Pc actually. Installing Windows on an Intel Mac will give you the exact same setup Vsig uses on native PCs.


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       I forgot to add that checksum errors are not caused by VsigX. Please refer to the technotes.


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      Hi Italo –

      I've been out of the loop for a bit lately –

      Since using VsigX and serial cable,

      my H8000FW turned out to have problems.

      Replacement unit should arrive tomorrow.

      I'm afraid to re-try VsigX again,

      until Eventide Engineers can verify

      what exactly happened to the RAM on my unit.

      I DID, for one time,

      successfully manage to add a stereo mixer

      to the end of that 4-output Pitchshifter preset.

      Would you (or any other H8000FW user)

      be able to add it for me in VSIG,

      and perhaps upload the preset somewhere?

      I hope it's not too out of place to be asking this.

      Thanks for reading.


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      Hi Calvin

      that's very strange/unlikely that an editor may cause such a problem. I'm confident about this.

      At the moment there is no upload area, but it will added later on. Another possible way to collapse a multichannel preset to stereo is to modify a routing. Each output can "see" up to 2 sources…so the 2 stereo outputs can accept 4 channels. My advice about adding a mixer though offers more flexibility as you can have dedicated levels and panning to each channel.

      all the best

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