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      Setup: Dell inspiron 1720 notebook with 4pole FW port + H8000FW with 6pole FW port.

      – 5 feet long  6pole – 4pole FW cable:  works well.

      – 15 feet 6pole – 4pole FW cable: does not work; notebook doesn't recognize the H8000FW. I was able to rule out defective cable.

      – 15 feet 6pole – 6pole FW REPEATER cable + 5 feet 6pole – 4pole FW cable:  also does not work! This repeater cable is not at all cheap.

      I do need a fire wire connection notebook-H800FW with 15 feet (or more) length.

      Any hints appreciated. Thanks, Thomas.

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      Eventide Staff

      Nothing obvious – in my experience laptops often have weaker peripherals than desktops. I would suggest that you (temporarily) try another computer to see if it is the laptop at fault.  Also, try different cables.

      Note that an unrepeated firewire cable may not be longer than 4.5m (14.8 feet).

      You may also want to try the latest beta release, 5.6B2, which has much improved Windows drivers.

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      I know the problem will Dell notebooks. They use an ricoh firewire chipset and this chipset works mostly not together with firewire audio hardware. Try an pc expresscard fw controller with texas instruments chipset.

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