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      Hows it goin' everybody? Here's what I'm dealing with and hopefully one of you can help me solve this problem. I've got my H8000FW in my rack and its plugged into my Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL. The H8000 is plugged in to the Switchblade GL via the Analog 1 (In/Out) by two balanced 1/4" to XLR cords. What I'm trying to do is to program the H8000 to change programs by means of its Usergroups when told to by the Switchblade. I've got programs 4244 (Loneliness) and 5012 (Black Hole) programmed into the MIDI Map labeled "Group2 U" with Loneliness being "Prog Chng 1" and Black Hole being "Prog Chng 2." Even though I've gone through the manual and set the processor up as the manual said to and have the correct program change numbers assigned in the Switchblade I can't seem to get the H8000 to switch programs. Is there something that I've overlooked? If anyone can help I would be more than thankful.


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      Eventide Staff

      This may be way too obvious, but you don't actually say that you selected "Group2 U" as the active MIDI map. Can you confirm ?

      If the MIDImap is selected, go back to the factory MIDImap and see if you can get any programs to load. 

      If you can't, make sure MIDI is "enabled" on SETUP/MIDI and temporarily set omni mode "on" to rule out channel setting issues.

      If this fails, check your cables and other hardware, also make sure that the BUSY light flashes when you send MIDI to the unit.

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       Hi Sean

      does the Switchblade really send MIDI Progran Changes?

      Or you have a MIDI pedalboard connected to it…and a MIDI cable from the Switchblade to the Eventide? In which case you should use the MIDI THRU, not the MIDI OUT.



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      The SwitchBlade doesn't send any MIDI. My rack is a SwitchBlade GL with a H7600. I use two Behringer FCB1010 to send various MIDI signals to the SwitchBlade, the H7600, and other guitar gear such as a Mesa Triaxis. I have the SwitchBlade set on channel 1, the Tide to channel 2, the Mesa on channel 3 and so on. I program my patches to send the right MIDI signals to each unit, but their are independent, although serially in the same MIDI loop.
      As an aside, I use the WinBlade program to program the SwitchBlade, otherwise it;s just plain horrendous.

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