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      Hi guys, first of all, congrats for the beautiful pieces of equipment you build every day. Please keep doing that.

      We´re in our way to a first H8000FW for a cinematic production. (5.1/7.1)

      The first concern is abut the connections; FF800, H8000FW & Protools. We need some 8 analogue outs for monitoring in a 7.1 studio, so, the connection between FF800 & H8000 must remain via FW or ADAT. The thing about adat is that FF800 doesn´t handle 96k with 8 ch out & in via adat. We´ll work anything at 96k.

      So, the alternative is everything routed via FW??.

      We need to record 8ch analogue DRY (at FF800), plus the 8ch wet coming from the H8000FW. (In parallel, with some kind of latency compensation)  But, we still need the analogue outs of RME to feed 8 the studio monitors.

      Any experience on this will be very helpful, we´re deciding right know the hardware involved at this studio. Tks.

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      You could add an extra firewire card to your computer, then the FF800 and the H8000fw have their own firewire interface. It could work, however I had some problems with 2 Belkin Firewire 800 / USB cards, internal firewire and the H8000fw, Focusrite Liquid Mix and the Lynx LT-FW combination.

      Another option would be exchanging or upgrading your FF800 to an Lynx Aurora 8 (I found it having more details than the FF800) and getting a Lynx AES16e card in your computer. This way you can connect the Lynx and the H8000fw over AES/EBU, it's rock-stable at 96khz. Should you need even more channels in the future, you can even get a second or third AES16e card (we have 2x Aurora 16, one Aurora 8 and the H8000fw connected this way).

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