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      Eventide Staff

      Eventide is happy to announce the release of H8000FW Software V5.5B2. This is a beta maintenance release that fixes a few bugs found in V5.5B1. We suggest that if you are not encountering these bugs you should not bother with this interim release, but instead should wait for the full release. Either way, read the full Release Notes before installing.

      Bugs Fixed:

      1) Corrupted Vsig database was exported. In reality the database was fine – it was being sent too fast for most computers. The fix was to slow it down, ignoring the "Sysex Speed" setting, which could have otherwise been used for the same purpose.

      2) TEXTTRIGGER display concatenates long strings – these have a maximum length of 10 characters.

      3) If a sigfile was downloaded, a MIDI Program change to the same location reports that the program is already loaded, even though it has been changed.

      4) MIDI Bank select does not work on dsp B

      5) Cannot add enough voices to MULTISHIFTER, DIATONIC. These were limited to about 5, giving a spurious " too much xhigh_data" message.

      6) If multiple pedals are used on some newer systems, when very hot the reading will alternate between the pedals, giving a corrupted and choppy result.

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      Hi Nick,

      thanks for the great news !
      Have you had the chance to test preset 2120 already ?

      There were problems with it on 5.5 B1

      Look forward to update my machine 🙂


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      Hello,  I was pointed here from your support team.  I have recently updated my h8000fw to the new beta2 drivers and so now i am having a big issue.  I can no longer remote objects to midi learn. basically it doesn't even seem to respond.  now i know the unit is getting midi and that it understands the midi,  the learn does work in certain places like in the setup – midi section.  

      basically the midi seems to work everywhere except to control an object.  it seems like it has abandoned midi learn.  thanks


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      Eventide Staff

      You are right. Thanks. This is why we have beta releases. We'll fix it for the full release.

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