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      I did listen to the mp3 demo of the H8000FW from this site, and I was blown away by the supreme sound quality. I did get the impression that the source audio is less important, since the H8000FW make everything sound like pure magic. 

       I would still be interested to hear how it sounds with the POD especially the X3 since it is the latest…

       Does anyone have any recordings ?

       And one last thing, does this unit include any microphone/cabinet simulations to make it sound more like a "real" amp ? 

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      the H8000 actually is very respectful of your original tone. It passes thru untoched.

      You don't really need mic/cabs simulations on the Eventide as using it w/a Pod, you'll be set already.



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       Hello it is good to hear, well, it is good that it respects the original tone. But I am not really satisfied with the pod, but I hope together with the H8000FW it can make it sound better and maybe more like a real amp. The microhphone/cabinet similation is actually the weakness of the POD. I can imagine that the H8000FW reverbs would have an huge impact on the sound quality and make it sound more real. Like it was played on a real cabinet in a real room.

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       That's a different aspect, Blackinfinity.

      Reverbs are stellar and can put a sound source in any imaginable (and not!) environment…BUT the truthfulness of the sound source belongs to it, not to the reverb.

      The H8000FW is an open platform. You can build your own simulations, if you know how to do, using our VSIGFILE Editor (Windows). Filters and other modules can help a lot.

      You may check our Distortion Preamp algorithm which has a very powerful filtering section for this, even though the preamp itself is not really meant to create classic amps sounds….it was created for more unreal, futuristic distortions. But its filters section can be a good starting place for cabinets emulations.



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       Alright I understand, I have heard the best thing to make the POD sound "real" is to buy some kind of tube amp into the sound chain. Also the software impulse reverbs "recabinet" is good for this. I have not tried either of this yet. Only tried PSP Vintage Warmer 2, and Voxengo Warmifier which does simulate anoluge circuits, it does work very good but can be a lot better of course. But yeah ok then I know kind of what to expect from the H8000.


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      I am using a Bass Pod pro. Been tweaking the bass line to no end, with mixed results. I wasn't overly impressed with any of the simulated cab, even though they are doubtless serviceable. But once I started using the Pod in conjunction with the Eventide Bass patch 1711, the entire mix came alive. The bass track by itself sounds weird (it has some reverb and a chorus that I would have never dreamed of using on a bass line). It doesn't sound like any of the bass cabinets I am accustomed to hearing live. However, within the entire mix, the results are nothing short of amazing. The bass locks on the bass drum and fills out the lower end, without cluttering the mix. Pure magic, I guess, and I haven't even touched the factory presets

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