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      I'd like to add chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, rotary, ambient, and pitch shifting effects to my guitar rig which already includes the TimeFactor. The Eclipse seems like it could do all that (and replace the TF) at very high quality. I have just become aware of the H9, which also seems like it could do all that for a fraction of the cost, even if I purchased 2 of them to have dual effects engines similar to the Eclipse. The most important question I have is it's sound quality…for example compared to the Eclipse. I can't find a local store that carries it and I am unable to find any mention of it's a/d d/a converters or it's processing rate in the Eventide literature. Have any of you Eclipse owners compared the H9 to your Eclipse sound quality?

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      Eclipse will have a slightly higher sound quality than H9. It also has digital I/O, a range of sample rates, and many more built-in effects.

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