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      I’m having a problem getting a decent sounding auto-wah. Actually, I would be happy with Factory Program No. 7 (Autowah). Unfortunately it’s far too quiet when I switch from bypass to active. I noticed that Out Gain is set to -5.4dB and when I set it to the desired OdB there is an unpleasant clipping. So Eventide knew why out gain was set to -5.4dB. My I/O settings are correct and no clipping is displayed. (I just hear it)
      I can help myself a bit with Mix, but I don’t really want to have a dry signal with me. And when I turn up the gain it also clips.
      Do you have a solution? I would be very grateful…

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      Eventide probably wanted to carefully consider the variety of system setups that Factory Program was going to see, and selected the best average value for Out Gain.  Autowahs (and filters in general) can get very peaky.  Puzzling why you can’t seem to find that adjustment sweet spot, though.

      Here are a few more options / algorithms to try:


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        I still have volume-adjustment issues with Q-Wah, but your linked Sculwah is excellent.
        I would never have looked for an autowah under distortion/scull. And there are no volume/peak problems at all here.


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      Thanks for the link! I’ll delve deeper into that.
      In the autowah factory program I can only find the volume sweet spot with the mix control, but that changes the effect drastically.

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