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      There are many many YouTube videos of users demonstrating amazing H9 and H90 presets. As a H9000 user, I find myself spending quite a bit of time trying to replicate some of those on the H9000. In fact, I went as far as buying a H9 fully loaded so I could have some of those handy and replicate them with goal of doing more in the H9000. There are obviously much better patches on the H90 than the H9 so I was wondering if it would be possible to share the presets on a forum in a way that H9000 can use? I realize it’s different hardware but it almost seems like it would be much more user friendly to own 2 H90s and no H9000 as far as rapid creativity given the availability of cool presets. To be clear, by preset I mean a combination of two or more algos in a FX chain with parameters set to be musical.

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      I’d love for this feature, or for the H9000 having the ability to import and export H90 and H9 presets.

      I’ve had a look at the file structure (for the H9, though I imagine H90 would be similar). Theoretically I could build a tool to convert between them, except I can’t get my head around how the checksum is implemented by Eventide (ie what is included in it, such as headers and data, data only, is it sorted in a particular order, and how the checksum is calculated, because often the check sum is a negative number, which it shouldn’t be).  It may be a type conversion, but that makes it difficult to test.

      The H9 preset seems to be embedded within the H9000 presets, so exporting to H9 will probably be easier than importing from H9, but it would be so much better if this could be done on the unit itself or from within emote.

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      Hopefully eventide sees the value in this and makes preset sharing universal across the H line of products.

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      Yes agreed!!

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