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      Can I connect the H9000 with a RME Babyface Pro? It’s the only thing I would be connecting besides monitors and headphones so everything else is free to use. It’s a for a laptop setup, electronic music all in the box so no instruments, mics, or anything else like I said. Im just not sure if the i/o will cut it, as im not familiar with hardware (the Eventide unit is not mine, my brother leaves it in my house for a couple of months sometimes when he is away).




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      Although I've never personally tried using the RMA Babyface Pro, I assume that it just works like a standard USB Audio Interface. In this case, you can actually create an Aggregate device between the H9000 and the RMA Babyface. At this point, you would have to make sure that your assignments are correct and that the 'Main Outputs' are routed onto your RMA Babyface. Once all your routing is set, you can now use the H9000's USB Audio as hardware inserts onto any tracks giving you up to 16 ins/outs. 


      If you need help setting up the unit, please contact me at Pflores@eventide.com


      Hope this helps!

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