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      So after updating to I noticed my unit doesn’t always connect to the network. Most times I have to restart the unit and or my Mac.

      I’m using internet sharing through my Mac. I had no problems connecting when I was on

      When I try and refresh the network the screen sometimes says internal error must restart. Then it crashes and restarts

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      Your H9000 is connected to your Mac over WiFi or with an ethernet cable?

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      I have it hooked up through Ethernet on my Mac Pro 5.1 OS X 10.11. Internet sharing is on.

      If I restart and to connect to the internet sometimes I still can’t get the list of updates.

      A couple of times the emote wouldn’t connect to the unit as well.

      Restarting the unit and/or the Mac solves the internet and emote problems but not always notbeing able to see the updates

Viewing 2 reply threads
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