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      Hi guys

      In working with Emote and the hardware, it would be useful (like on plugins) if we could Lock the MIX level for FX blocks (selectively) when loading Algos & Presets.

      In many cases I need the dry signal present when auditioning most algos but have to change it each time a new Algo/Preset is loaded.

      Any chance you could add that feature request?

      I tried using the FX Chain Mix option but this appears to be located somewhere in the signal chain prior to the input chosen to feed the first FX block.

      E.g. I’m using SPDIF as the input for a chain but the guitar signal is only on the Left channel so I’ve selected only the Left SPDIF to feed both left and right of FX Chain and everything works fine within the chain and using the FX Block mix. But when using the FX Chain Mix to dial it down, the audio is then lost on the right hand side and I only get audio on the left.

      Any ideas how to work around that?


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      Hey, you had sent a similar request to support.  I responded to that mail, but I don't think you've gotten the response yet.  In any case here's what I wrote:

      We have a mix lock control in all of our stompboxes of course, and I think it would be a good thing to have as a feature of the algorithm containers.  I put it in our ticketing system.  It’s not likely that we’ll get that into the coming v1.1 release though as that’s about to go into public beta.


      I’m not sure what’s causing this unexpected behavior with the FX Chain's mix control and stereo signals and whether it’s a bug or not.  Let us get back to you about this next week.

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      Thanks gkellum

      Sorry I didn’t get a response; only that Jerome suggested I post it on the forum since this is where the engineers look.

      No problem for v1.1, but for future update it’ll be much appreciated – it will be a massive time saver

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