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      Hello Eventide Fam!

      I just wanted to ask if I am the only one wanting a Tab on Emote where we could see in one place and modify all the 32 functions’ knobs of the 4 FX-Chains.

      I believe it would be great to have the 4 raws of 8 knobs each, with possibly a label per knob with the names of all the parameters controlled by the knob.

      Perhaps on each knob there could be concentric rims each one with a different color and tracking the actual amount of modulation, according with the settings min-max on the mapping. 

      The rims would be color coded with the same color of the name of the parameter they show.

      Obviously the amount of rims would be dynamic according to the amount of parameters mapped to the same function knob and they would appear around the knob when a new parameter is mapped to it.

      What do you all think?




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      John Baylies

      Those are good suggestions, thanks.

      I've wanted this too, and ended up making a max patch to streamline my workflow.

      FX Chains View is in the works, though I've no timeline for when it will be ready for beta.

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      Thank you, John! So happy to hear that you are working on it!

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