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      Has Eventide considered adding a new 8 channel input and output option called “Loopback” which just feeds the output back into the input? This is already possible if you select ADAT as your digital audio mode and then plug the optical OUT into the IN with an optical cable. The problem with that method is that it prevents you from using digital in/out for other uses.

      This would be a pretty powerful addition:

      Chain multiple FX Chains together

      Have FX 1 send to loopback 1, have FX 2 receive from loopback 1

      Have multiple FX Chains output to the same output

      FX 1 sends to loopback 1, FX 2 sends to loopback 2, FX 3 takes loopback 1 and 2 and sends to USB 1

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      Eventide Staff

      Yes, we have considered methods for linking FX Chains together. I can’t comment on if/when this will make it into an update, but we have been discussing this recently and are looking into the possibility.

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      For context, my reason to do it isn’t to chain more than 4 effects in a row, it’s to use an FX Chain as a mixing stage where I can take multiple outputs from other FX Chains and mix them down to a single stereo output for monitoring. An output becomes locked once it’s used by an FX chain so this isn’t currently possible.

      Linking FX chains seems like a way to solve this organizational issue (currently can’t put different instruments in different FX chains and have them go to the same monitoring output) as well as give other users the option to “go crazy” with chaining more than 4 effects in a row.

      Glad to hear y’all are looking into it, it’s exciting that such a great unit still has potential to get better.

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      I ended up figuring out an alternative solution here. I am using the ADAT 8 channel output, sending that to a Midiman Sam which mixes it down to a stereo S/PDIF for monitoring.


      So clean now 🙂

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