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      I use the H9000 Rack with a SwitchBlade GL and all is good. However, the Switchblade can only handle two MIDI expression pedals, which I use for master volume and preset morphing volume (smoothly switch from one amp to another continuously).  I use two more expression pedals directly plugged into the H9000, and I’d like to use one of them to control the master volume of one of the 4 FX chains. Currently, all I can do is map the Input and output gain levels, which combined, cover a range of -48db to +48db, but I would much prefer to leave those as is for conventional gain matching at 0dB, and have an independent output Master level volume control that could be mapped to -Inf / 0dB and act as a conventional volume control? Although -48dB is a lot of reduction, it still leaves a tiny bit of sound through. My use case would be to control the volume of a reverb in parallel in my signal chain, and have the ability to set its volume to as low as zero via expression pedal.

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      You should be able to do this with my Stereo summing mixer algorithm. I think I let you reduce volume by 96dB.

      You can find it here https://godlike.com.au/index.php?id=420

      If this doesn’t work for you, let me know. I could do a Master volume algorithm pretty quickly

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      For your use case, are you always using a reverb (or another “wet” effect) in parallel with your dry signal? If so, you can turn Kill Dry on, and the Algorithm’s mix control becomes a “wet” level; turning this to 0 will result in no reverb output. Currently, only the H9 algorithms offer kill dry, but we are looking into adding this as a general parameter for all algorithms.

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      Yes, I always use FX chains 100% wet in a Wet-Dry-Wet rig. However to your point, I didn’t see a kill dry option in Emote, but if there is one available soon, and if the wet/dry becomes effectively a full 0-100 volume control for wet then it is a very elegant and workable solution. So yes, please LMK when that can become available for the H9000.


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