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      Just ordered an H9000 and can’t wait to integrate it with my setup.  I am wondering about complex routing and whether it is possible for example to have the following simultaneously running at 96k:


      AES/EBU 8 channels IO

      Analog 8 channels IO

      MADI 16-32 channels IO


      What I want to have, if possible is, simultaneously:

      The 8x  Analog IO routed directly (passthrough) to the first 8 channels of MADI IO (ie just use it as a AD/DA convertor)

      The second 8 channels of MADI IO being able to route to the FX blocks / patches / algorhythms in four stereo blocks and back out over MADI

      The AES/EBU channels being able to passthrough over MADI channels 16-24 IO (ie a format convertor) to an H8000FW


      The plan is to use the analog IO as extra channels, the MADI card to access the FX blocks, and the AES to connect to my H8000FW and route audio to the H8000FW via the MADI card




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      Yes, everything you suggest should work as intended. Use direct routing for the first and third blocks, and patch the second MADI block into the right FX Chains.

      Only thing to consider is your clocking since everything will need to use the same clock reference. I do similar things with my H9000 (Dante and MADI cards), and in my case the Dante network is the clock for all devices.

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      Great – yup will be running master clock from my RME UFX+ over MADI


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