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      I have a small feature request that I believe would improve the user experience on the Eventide H9000. Specifically, I’m referring to the workflow for saving and retrieving sessions.

      Current Behavior: When a session is saved, the Sessions View still shows the original template name from which the session was created. Additionally, upon attempting to save again, the system defaults back to the template name rather than remembering the new session name. This requires the user to manually scroll through their list of saved sessions, locate the current session, and type in its name to either overwrite or create a new version.

      Feature Request: I propose that once a session is saved, it becomes the “live” or “active” session displayed in the Sessions View. Moreover, the system should remember this new session name for any subsequent saves, providing the option to overwrite or save as a new version without having to manually re-enter the name.

      By implementing these improvements, you can streamline the session management process and enhance the overall user experience.

      Nice one, thanks for all the great work x

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      Eventide Staff


      Thanks for this request. Yes, I agree that the saving procedure would be improved with what you describe above.

      Do you have an H9000 with a front panel? If you use the saving procedure on the front panel, it will update the Session name and use the current Session name when you save again. You can use this in the meantime for a better saving procedure.

      I believe the issue is just when you use Emote for saving, and we’ll look into improving that.

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      Thanks for the reply, yes I do have the H9000 with the front panel, however I find myself using the standalone emote app all the time, it’s really great!

      Another request would be to have an undo / redo function within the emote standalone app. I often change a few values in an algorithm and can’t find where I was. I know you can save the preset, but sometimes you want to have a quick faff.



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