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      Just noticed a problem with some saved presets not loading correcly.

      For example 9401 – Hall, if I load the factory preset no. 11, “HALL”, the low-level (and high level) in that preset is loaded and shown as -100. However it does not affect low levels unless I turn the knob a little bit and then turn it back to -100!

      Is this a known issue? I tried moving the knobs and saving the preset again, but the same problem remains, so it’s not just a corrupt preset file..

      I really need my presets to load correctly, so I hope this is not a widespread issue.

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      Thanks for reporting this issue. I am able to reproduce this with some Hall presets but I have not come across this issue with other algorithms. I would suggest using another hall reverb algorithm until we’ve had a chance to look into this and fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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