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      Hi, I’ve totally failed to get USB audio working with the H9000. Upgrading to latest firmware (2.1.14[144]) does not help.

      It sometimes passes audio, but with frequent dropouts lasting about 200ms, recurring every 5-30 seconds, this is unusable. I’m trying USB audio alone, no aggregate device — the goal is to get USB audio alone working smoothly before attempting to combine with another interface.

      I have no such problems with my Lynx Aurora (n) — 24 channels.

      I am using the “H9000 USB Audio” port in Audio Midi Setup (AMS) with clock source “Eventide Internal Clock”, sample rate 48 kHz I also have this port selected in the Logic session.  When beginning, I toggle the sample rate in AMS from 44.1 back to 48 to cancel the “USB Audio Mute” message. When running, and when I experience the dropout, USB audio is not muted.

      The problems also do not change if I use different buffer sizes (64-512) or settings for processing threads. I can reproduce the issue in a very minimal Logic project with four stereo channels, zero plugins etc.

      If I do have a native plugin running in Logic, for instance Autofilter, I notice that after recovery from dropout the plugin’s LFO phase resets. This seems to indicate that something in the Mac audio engine is restarting each time there’s a dropout.

      I caught some of the Mac console messages during dropouts,

      The first such message is from kernel: IOAudioEngine[<private>]::pauseAudioEngine()

      Immediately after I get a more detailed message from coreaudiod that there has been an overload: coreaudiod Audio IO Overload thread: 37d1 inputs: ‘<private>’ outputs: ‘<private>’ cause: ‘Unknown’ prewarming: no recovering: no

      Then an info list – the cause of the overload is “PageFaultsOffIOThread:”

      coreaudiod     CAReportingClient.mm:508   message {

      HostApplicationDisplayID = “com.apple.logic10”;

      cause = PageFaultsOffIOThread;

      deadline = 123007;

      “input_device_source_list” = Unknown;

      “input_device_transport_list” = USB;

      “input_device_uid_list” = “AppleUSBAudioEngine:Eventide:H USB Audio:0:1,2”;

      “io_buffer_size” = 256;

      “io_cycle” = 477;

      “io_page_faults” = 0;

      “is_prewarming” = 0;

      “is_recovering” = 0;

      “issue_type” = overload;

      lateness = “-285”;

      “other_page_faults” = 42;

      “output_device_source_list” = Unknown;

      “output_device_transport_list” = USB;

      “output_device_uid_list” = “AppleUSBAudioEngine:Eventide:H USB Audio:0:1,2”;

      “sample_rate” = 48000;

      “smallest_buffer_frame_size” = 256;

      }: (



      I attached the complete console log excerpt, again this is typical of what happens upon each dropout.

      If someone has also encountered this issue, and can share a workaround, or some other things to try I’d greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!




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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry to see you’re having issues.

      This definitely isn’t the normal behavior (and we have many users using H9000 + MacOS with USB audio).  Can you please create a support ticket by emailing support@eventide.com?  It will be easier for us to help you troubleshoot your issue there without going back and forth on the forum.

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      Eventide Staff

      I should add, if you can clarify exactly what Mac hardware you’re using, what version of MacOS you’re on, and what version of Logic you’re using, that will help us narrow down the issue more quickly.

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      OK Thank you! I will work on the support ticket, thanks. For reference I am using a 16 inch MacBook Pro, 2021, running Monterey (12.2), Logic 10.7.2.

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