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      I just received my H9000 and have discovered that the included 32 GB USB drive doesn’t work on the top USB port on the front panel, but it does on the bottom port.  Is this normal?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi, sorry to hear about your issue. 

      The USB drive should work with all of the USB A ports so this could be a hardware error with your unit. 

      Could you try using the included Wi-Fi adapter in the top USB port and seeing if anything shows up on the network list when you go to Setup > Network? You could also try using a USB MIDI controller if you have one. It would also be good to know if the back panel USB ports are functioning correctly. 

      If both the Wi-Fi adapter and USB drive don't work on the top USB port, you can contact support@eventide.com and refer them to this thread.  This will create a support ticket in our tracking system, and they will advise you further about RMA details.

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      No luck on the top port, I’m afraid.  I’ll send off an email.

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