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      Looking to purchase and integrate an H9000r into my studio. Currently using an RME Fireface ucx as an audio interface and 3 hardware synths on a mac very straight foraward. From what i gather my options would be to:


      •Use Fireface ucx + H9000r as an aggregate audio device. (if i understand correctly I could maintain my monitoring capabilities through Fireface outside the DAW and be using the aggregate within DAW (Ableton)


      •Use Fireface ucx + H9000 via adat.


      •Use H9000r exclusively as an audio device and acquire additional patch bay.


      I’m looking for clarification and feedback/advice about these or other options i might be missing or misunderstanding, Latency problems etc. Most information out there seems above my head (my setup is straight forward), which is a good indication that the H9000 may be a tad advanced for me atm, but I’m looking to learn.

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      I like the device below, 8 in / 8 out snake box going into double DB25. The website of the manufacturer even allows to customize each of the 16 sockets.
      There are no preamps or anything so need DI box or genuine mic preamp but this gives full flexibility to customize the gain structure of each input separately. Fits nicely in the back of a rack for traveling. I wound up soldering my own and stumbled upon this shortly afterwards.

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