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      The H9000R (not the H9000) currently has no ability to use MIDI PC’s to load different Scenes.

      However, does it have the ability to use MIDI CC’s to select different presets from the MIDI Virtual Racks? 

      For a guitar setup, I could use #6665 Midi VirtRack #6 as it has all the FX components that I need, and 10 presets for a live gig should suffice.

      The preset manual states that: “All params marked with a * are remembered by each tweak, which can be remotely recalled with a midi cc message and the tweak # knob. Set your pedalboard 10 switches to send the same midi cc #, with values 1 to 10 to recall tweaks 1>10.”

      So I am trying to find out whether a H9000R unit can correctly process MIDI CC messages? If it does, then I think I could setup my guitar rack with the H9000R and use it for a live upcoming gig.


      Lastly, how can I change the actual parameters stored in the algo, and corresponding to CC 1 to 10?

      Again the user manual states that: “The MIDI Virtual Racks presets allow the user to switch between different parameters values that can be tweaked and stored internally in the algorithm core structure, using the front panel of the unit.” Since this was written for the H8000, I assume that it is only doable with a H9000? Or can I do it with VSigfile.

      This is all so strenuous… 

      Please LMK.

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      John Baylies

      Yes, you can use MIDI CC to select different presets from the MIDI VirtRacks.

      Right-click the <<<<TWEAK #1>>>> dial and click MAPPING. The mapping window will open on the right.

      Set the Source to 'MIDI CC Single', set the MIDI CC and channel to the CC you want to use, and set the Action Type to Momentary. Then click Apply.

      All of the <<<<TWEAK #1>>>> dials will now display a green line around the dial to indicate it is mapped.

      Unfortunately you can't save presets within the algorithm itself in Emote, and the Vsigfile can't be downloaded into Vsig3 due to a Device Download Error that we're aware of.

      The CC values are not 1-10 either. They are as follows:

      tweak # – MIDI CC value

      1 – 1

      2 – 15

      3 – 30

      4 – 43

      5 – 57

      6 – 71

      7 – 85

      8 – 99

      9 – 113

      10 – 127

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      I use a Behringer FCB1010 to send the CC’s (and ultimately the PC changes once the H9000R can handle them).

      I do  not use an expression pedal to cycle through the CC’s since I can send the exact CC# from my pedal board.

      Am I supposed to send CC=15 for tweak #2 as per your table? 

      Lastly, how can I permanently override the settings of a given tweak # so I have my own 10 tweaks?

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      John Baylies

      sorry, I was editing my previous comment as you posted your reply.

      Unfortunately you currently can't permanently override the settings of a given tweak # on an H9000R. It may be possible on the front panel but I can't test that..

      send CC value 15 to select tweak #2, yes. This should work with a FCB1010. set every footswitch to send the same CC#, each with a different value.

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      Can I change the tweak settings permanently via VSig3 editor?


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      John Baylies

      Unfortunately the VirtRack Vsigfiles currently can't be downloaded into Vsig3 due to a Device Download Error that we're aware of..

      I'll look into this tomorrow and see what I can do. May or may not be a simple fix.

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      Thanks and no lick I guess.

      Last question: Does the H9000R have the ability to use a MIDI expression pedal? My Behringer FCB1010 has 2 built-in expression pedals, so I was wondering if they can somehow be used by the H9000R, with the understanding that I am connecting it to the Behringer via MIDI only?

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      John Baylies

      No luck, sorry.

      The H9000 and H9000R work with standard MIDI controllers. My FCB1010 works with my H9000R via either a MIDI cable or a MIDI to USB adapter.

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      So by using the FC1010 connected via MIDI, I should be  able to set a controller # in Emote and map the 2 expression pedals to control any algo parameter?

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      John Baylies

      That's correct.

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