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      Is it possible for the H9000R to work simultaneously with an ASIO audio interface in Windows 10?  I’ve only been able to verify that this is possible on a MAC system reading documentation.


      I want to be able to use the H9000 as my main interface, but need to use another interface for it’s headphone amp and mic pres.


      Many thanks in advance for any insight.

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      John Baylies
      jbamberg wrote:
      In Windows 10, it's not possible to create aggregate audio devices at the system level, which means that unfortunately you can't use the USB interface of your H9000 and your RME interface at the same time.  Using ADAT is a good way to get around this, but it's limited to 8 channels.  If you need more, and your has MADI, you could get a MADI expansion card for the H9000, which would give you 32 channels of IO.





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