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      Has anyone worked on a more faithful reproduction of the H949 as a program on an Orville or higher?The dual H910's doesn't really get into what the older units could really do.

      I've got three (yes, three) original H949's and it's becoming practically impossible to get anyone to reliably service them, they are all three not operating properly, and I'm royally bummed (serious) 🙁

      I've started working on my own program on my Orville/R, and slowly getting some basic stuff down as I spend more time on it. but there are still some main "characteristics" and "color" that I get from the H949's that I'm having a hard time emulating as I'm still fairly new to the DSP programming environment of the Orville. Primarily I'm looking to emulate the reverse delay/pitch-shift mode of the H949 along with the the way that the main delay, delay feedback, and the EQ coloration & saturation sound and interact with each other in the reverse mode. there are some very very special areas where you get some amazing coloration and "wash-out" when using lots of feedback (not total overdrive feedback), and playing with the feedback EQ. especially when used with melodic arpeggiations/sequences from analog synths. stuff you could listen to for hours on end, and nothing else.  hence why I'm bummed.

      the plugin version seems to be very close, but alas I am not (and have no intentions of becoming) a PT user.



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