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      I’ve only just rigged up my H9K to use the USB audio capabilties (Initally was working on 96k tracks and if changing H9K sample rate to 96k you lose algorithms)

      So in Logic I’ve setup buses with the I/O plugin and when routing to the USB Audio In/Outs to create a loop, I’m losing quite a bit of level, around 8db.

      I then did the same routing to the UAD virtual In/Out (so you can use plugins in UAD console tp process audio) and the level was unchanged and came back perfectly.

      I then tried out to H9K analog ins and spdif and back and that was fine too.

      Then tried out USB but in on Analog and the level was lower as in my first test.

      I still want to test out Analog and in USB and see what happens there. Anyone else experiencing issues like this or know what I’m doing wrong?


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      To update the forum, I ended up emailing this request to eventide support and they were able to reproduce the problem and will work on a fix

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