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      After watching this video of an old H949 in action, I fell in love and was hunting after one for awhile (dealer ended up wanting too much for it).

      I'm particularly after the creamy "wooshing" pitch-shifted delay feedback that starts at 0:50 and onward in the video. Is it possible to get similar response, feedback, and "tonal character" with the Eclipse? Can you get similar realtime control using MIDI CC with the Eclipse as you do changing the pitch ratio manually on the H949?

      Picking up a demo Eclipse tomorrow to give it a run in the studio for a few days. Any input on getting H949 style pitch-shifting would be great.

      Would love to also see native VST versions of your plugs for us Nuendo users. You have a guaranteed customer right here! 🙂



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      I just started playing with the demo Eclipse today. So far not too bad. I won't get a feel for how expressive it is until I get some MIDI CC controls setup with it. Current interface doesn't give you much for quick fluid control.

      I think I might have found another H949, this time much more reasonable.

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      wow, just watched your company video of the plugin pack on youtube. that's exactly the type of stuff im after. 

      you guys seriously need to release this in native / VST format….

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