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      Hello, I am looking for a source that has ALL of the Harmonizer presets for ALL of the modules.  I currently have an H3000 and purchased an upgrade chipset which gives me all of the presets that were ever made, and I would love to get a list so I can take advantage of them – preferably in PDF format so I can search.

      I was able to find one for the H3000, but want more!

      What I purchased was this and it included all the following:

      Preset Numbers: 

      150-199: Artist Presets 1

      200-257: Original Factory Presets 

      259-284: Artist Presets 2 

      286-298: 3D Spatial Imaging Effects 

      300-363: Broadcast Presets 

      366-399: Producer Presets 1

      400-415: SoundFX

      416-423: Clearmountain Custom 

      425-493: Percussion 

      496-499: Mod Factory 1

      500-699: Production

      700-747: Steve Vai presets 

      750-786: Custom Insider 

      793-799: Producer Presets 2

      800-899: Mod Factory 2 

      975-999: Producer Presets 3 

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      Just found this Google Spreadsheet posted by somebody in Gearslutz.  It’s EVERYTHING and now I just need to try and figure out how to either print it to a PDF or have the guy send me the spreadsheet.  



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