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      Hi there, I love my H9 Max and the ease of use of the Control app, but this one outdated flaw has been bugging me ever since I bought this pedal.

      The Harpeggiator…

      Don’t get me wrong, is has some great presets, but it’s stuck in 2010. That graphic interface in H9 Control would be perfect for making custom patterns, each note looks like it has click-and-drag nodes to make a custom setting. But no, they’re static; for visual aid only, and I personally think this problem is holding the H9 and PitchFactor back from their full potential.

      This pedal is old enough that we’ve heard all of the preset patterns. They’re recognizable the second you hear them. Let us make our own, even if it’s limited to being done on the app and not on the pedal itself. That would be a great feature.

      Why hasn’t this been done? Or am I just missing something and not using the app correctly?



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      This feature request has been around since the PitchFactor.  I wouldn’t hold out much hope for an update now [Max is maxed out].  I too had some hope for custom scales with the release of H9 Control, but I understand why it wasn’t incorporated.  Backward compatibility, hardware limitations, probably a lot more involved than pointing to fixed sets of LUTs, etc.

      Best you can do is dig deep into mixing & matching the Rhythms with Dynamics, pitch sequences & FX, in order to carve out some ‘new’ patterns.  If you’re running mono, a set of two Rhythms blend into a third type.  With stereo, panning combinations.  I can give you a few ideas to try out at this link:


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      Such a small but frustrating oversight.

      I appreciate it though, I’ll give all of that a try.

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