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      Hi all.

      Im very new to eventide effects. Ive recently bought a pitchfactor and am looking to upgrade to an eclipse. I love the harpeggiator on the pitchfactor. Is this available on the eclipse?

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      Have not seen a direct equivelent, but I am new to the Eclipse myself after previously having the 3 Factor pedals.

      BUT the Eclipse does have a lot of options for pitch shifting and arpegiating, so I am pretty sure you could get close….but it maybe fairly hard to program it if there is not a preset that is close enough to modify to your requirements.

      The factors are a lot easier to program than the Eclipse.

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      Thanks badmelonfarmer.  I bought an eclipse and Im really impressed by it. Sounds wonderful but I see what you mean about the factor pedals being easier to program. There are a few of the pitchfactor algorithms I would like to see on the eclipse (harpeggiator and the lovely H910/949 emulation). Might just have to keep hold of my pitchfactor. My original plan was to buy the eclipse and sell my factor pedals. C'est la vie. They are all great gear. 

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      nice to see you are liking the Eclipse… hope you enjoy it.

      We have been asking if the PitchFactor and Space Presets will be added to the Eclipse platform….like they did with TimeFactor and ModFactor in Eclipse v4.

      Don't know if it will ever happen though.

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      That would be just fantastic if it ever happened. 

      Im using the eclipse at home at present and the factor pedals (pitch,time and mod) live with an evh 5150 Mk3. The pitchfactor with this head absolutely nails evh tone (but then it should).

      Ive spent over 30 years tone chasing and I finally feel as though Im where I want to be.phew!

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