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      Hi Guys, I wasn't positive what section to post this to, but since I'm leaning in this direction, here it is.

      I have the three Factor stompboxes, and of course they are great. But I want a less fussy setup and more patch "tweak ability". For similar bread I could look at a new Eclipse or a used DSP7000 or so. I'm learning towards the 7000 series because I think Vsig could be a lot of fun. Would an Eclipse be a lot more practical? This is for live guitar processing, probably just one channel. Which has the better a/d converters, and would the extra patches of the latest Eclipse FW outweigh the ability to Vsig whatever the 7000's processor and my own resourcefulness could manage?

      Thanks for your views and thoughts.

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      Eclipse is Eventide's greatest hits effects box. Tuned for live performance, Eclipse has superfast program load time and takes up only one rack space.  It has two processing engines so that you can run two effects at one time, either in serial (one effect feeding another) or parallel (you can seamlessly crossfade between the two).  Eclipse V4 (released recently) now includes all the effects from TimeFactor and ModFactor, improved pitch tracking taken from PitchFactor.  Eclipse V4 now has over 500 presets, and supports compact flash for storing presets.  True, Eclipse does not do VSIG, but VSIG has a rather steep learning curve.

      I would be happy to discuss this with you, if you like.  Shoot me an email with your number and I'll give you a call.  rmaxwell at eventide.com.

      Hope this helps.

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