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      My apologies if this has been covered before, I was not able to find it.


      Emote as plugin

      Algorithm: 740 5.1 Loop & Freeze

      Set-up View : Tempo Mode is set to ‘DAW’, correct tempo from DAW is displayed

      In the algorithm page, loop parameters: only length in seconds is recognized

      I’m not able to set length of loops with bar parameters

      TEMPO MODE button in the top right of window makes no difference

      Thank you for any suggestions.


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      That algorithm uses the system timer, which I’m not sure is implemented in the H9000 yet.  See this reply.

      H9000 System timer

      The algorithm may need to be modified to use a tempo knob or something if you want to use this in the short term.

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      Eventide Staff


      Yes as Puppeteer mentioned this algorithm will not work properly until we’ve implemented the system timer. We do have a fix for this but we are still in the process of testing it. I’ll update you here once this is resolved, sorry for the inconvenience.

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      Thank you for the reply

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