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      I have a kore audio interface made by native instruments, to use with my monitors and My G5 2gz running OS 10.4.11 and my H8000FW . So far this is how I am setup the kore is slaved to the H8000 in my aggregate device. The H8000 is set to internal clock and is running at a 44.1 sample rate. I am using the aggregate device as the driver in logic 8 and at about one minute of streaming audio I get a pop or a click in the audio. I try tried slaving the h8000 to the kore interface and that was much worse (click pops galore). The kore does have a spdif output on it that outputs the stereo output from the device, I dont know if this can be used to sync the systerm cause I cant find any thing about clock sync in the kore manual.

      I was wondering if anybody nows of any solutions to getting my system synced click and pop free. Thanks

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      Eventide Staff

       It sounds like the parts of your system are running at the same nominal sample rate but are not actually synchronised. This will cause the occasional click you describe.

       When you say you tried syncing the H8000 to the Kore interface, what did you actually do ?  

      You could try setting up the Kore as the sync master (ask them how to do this) and sync the H8000 to the spdif output you mention.

      I'm not familiar with the Kore unit so can't advise you on it.

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      Thanks nick, when I tried using kore as master clock I did not hookup the spdif out on the back to the H8000 and that did not work. Perhaps I will give it another try with the spdif cable hooked up.
      Rca and spdif cables, are they interchangeable? I have Rca cable on hand but no spdif, Is there a certain kind that works best. Thanks, Alvin

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      Hi Andy

      sometimes RCA cables *may* work at lower sample rates…but they are absolutely not recommended as many problems can be caused by improper cabling.

      Get a real S/Pdif cable and you should be fine.


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